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Social Media Management Has
Never Been Cheaper

If you would like to take advantage of our Black Friday packages, book your 15-minute consultation for next week, and we will honor the pricing for you at the time of payment. During our consultation, we will go over your needs & expectation of new, potential clients and payment will be due at that point in full.



Clients love everything entailed in our Elite Social Media Management package, but it can be expensive for some. The first 2 people to book this package will receive the last month 100% free + a 10% discount off the first month!

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$200 OFF!

Out Intro Social Media Management package is our post popular amongst small business owners. The first 3 people to book this package will receive $200 off their first and last month!

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Don’t need a social media manager? Just need someone to tell you what to post? We’ve got you covered! We’ve developed an entire month of content ideas for you.

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