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Social media marketing can be pretty overwhelming when you have absolutely no idea what to share. Many businesses tend to go the wrote of “promotion, promotion, promotion,” but no one wants to follow a social media account that only talks about themselves. Social media is about engaging with people and providing content that will help your followers and give them something they’ll actually want to read.


Of course promotion is part of it–but it’s only a part. You only want about 20% of your social media marketing to be promotion. The rest is all about your followers.


So what the hell do you post?


Here's a calendar with 30 days–and 30 types–of social media content. Mix and match whatever content types you want on whatever days you want. Post every day, every other day, or whatever works for you. But this calendar will give you a bucket full of ideas to choose from and you can pull a new idea out of it each day.

30 Days of Content+ Weekly Planner

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